Our GYM is no ordinary EXPERIENCE. It is a LIFESTYLE PROGRAM designed to achieve every member respective health and fitness GOALS!

Through our personal training services, fitness and nutrition program planning, home-gym development and other fitness lifestyle consultation, we help real people with real life demands to reach above average fitness levels. Our experience has taught us that regardless of what people say, average fitness or body composition, (e.g. “just toning a little”) is not a very enticing goal for most people, even if they say it is. (Usually, they say that when they are selling themselves short on their own potential.)

Tamale Health and Fitness Center can be located in Tamale, along the Gurugu road; former Koyla Building.


Regardless of a person’s starting point or genetics, most people would like to excel toward fitness objectives that come close to maximizing their potential and exceeding the norm. This means not only achieving an attractive and healthy body composition, but experiencing performance-based fitness programs that improve your physical capacity, mental and overall health. We won’t “bulk you up”, but we will however help you to develop a specific build that allows you to have the look and capabilities that you want to achieve, whether that is the look and capabilities of a distance runner or that of a bodybuilder or something in between. We guide and motivate clients in the training methods and lifestyle adaptations necessary to achieve those objectives, while continuing to meet the other demands of your life.

It takes hard work but if you have the dedication to your own improvement, and the guts to do what it takes, we will guide you to maximize your fitness and performance no matter how novice or advanced you may be.