Can you plank?

If you can be stuck in an extended straight push-up position without actually moving your body weight up or down like in a real push-up instance, then you are one step to being a plank champ.

Planks seem to be very simple exercises with many variations however, “seeming simple” does not equal actually being easy to carry out. Since plank involves the amount of time between a few minutes to indefinite, planking can be rated from being easy to having the most excruciating pains you can imaging. At the same time, let it be said that having an easy plank amounts to poor or no developmental stability and strength improvement.

One variant of a plank position Source: istockphotos

With many different kinds of prank positions, the main aim of a plank is to have your body in an almost perpendicular position to the ground with an elevated torso with your elbow mostly.

A front plank, the most common variety, will have you simply arrange yourself as if you are performing a push-up exercise. Raising your torso up making sure your back is completely straight. Then you remain in that position as long as you can.

For beginners the recommended time is between 20 to 30 seconds,

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